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August 18: Pardon Our Dust

I’ve been back from Italy for 18 days and have been working nonstop since getting the business up and running.  We have obtained all of our business licenses, we have been cleared by the county health department, we have designed a logo, business cards, and a brochure (of which we’ve already printed 250 and distributed about half!), and various business forms.  We’ve been meeting with key people in the County to get the word out about our services, and I did a professional photo shoot for our marketing materials last Friday.  Whew!

I got the idea for a personal chef business while I was writing my paper for culinary school.  I was doing research on the Internet on regional foods in Le Marche (the region I was in) and stumbled across a website that belonged to a personal chef somewhere on the east coast.  I started reading about her services and was intrigued.  I did a little more research (what paper?), and discovered a whole host of information about the profession.  It is one of the fastest growing businesses in the Food Services Industry today…..the way people are eating is changing and the success of this type of business shows it.  Part of the reason is people’s desire to eat more healthy foods.  Many people still don’t have time to cook, but want an alternative to the current food choices available to them.  Another reason is the flexibility; as long as I cook in the client’s home, I can do anything.  And best of all: no one is doing anything like this here on the Oregon Coast!!!

I sent all the info I found to Bruce for review and within the next few weeks A Posto Personal Chef Services LLC was born.  Bruce & I collaborated together; we would have Skype meetings for 2-3 hours discussing what we had accomplished that week & what our tasks were for the next week (the project manager will never really go away….).  Bruce has been my biggest fan and none of this would be possible without his support, and belief in my decision to change careers.  THANK YOU BRUCE!

Our website will be ready for release around the 1st of September; we have been very busy writing the copy for all the pages.  We finalized the design last week and it looks great!  I’ll post again when it is ready.  Thanks again to everyone who has supported me through this important life and career change…..I never felt alone!

Here’s a pic of me in my new uniform…who did I used to work for?  🙂

Wells Who?


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One thought on “August 18: Pardon Our Dust

  1. Melody Padilla on said:

    Hi Patti,
    I really enjoyed your posts during the education phase of your journey – thanks so much for sharing your experiences, feelings and opinions.
    So excited for you and Bruce and your new venture! Best wishes for huge success! Looking forward to updates/recipes/pix. Hoping to come up and see you sometime in the future. Be well and God bless.

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