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August 20: Our First dinner party

Last night we serviced our first dinner party for 6 people in Otter Rock.  I received the call on Monday morning and went to the client’s home that afternoon.  After discussing a few options, we came up with a menu and then went over to the home of the hostess to meet her, review the menu, and tour the kitchen.  The kitchen was really nice; it was open, had lots of counter space, and a 6 burner Viking cooktop.  We set the date for Friday the 20th, I produced a proposal that detailed everything we had discussed along with a pricing estimate later that day.  The client agreed to it and we were off!  I provided a custom menu for them to share with the participants.


We did a wine pairing with 3 of the courses and served limoncello with dessert.  We do not have a liquor license, so we can’t serve wine, but we can make recommendations and purchase it for the client as a courtesy service.  I picked up the wine from a local shop in Newport: Nye Beach Gallery.  Zach is very knowledgeable and he was able to provide me with some nice choices.  I did the shopping yesterday morning, and by 1:30 PM was on my way to cook.

I had to get there early because I made cannelloni from scratch which is not hard to do, but it is time consuming.  The pasta was a light red in color (I added tomato paste) and the filling (spinach, mushrooms, shrimp, goat cheese, mascarpone, and chives) was green.  I made a shrimp and scallop sauce with a shrimp stock I made from the shells.  I added lemon zest, tarragon, lemon basil, and chives to the sauce.  Here’s a picture of what the cannelloni and sauce looked like.  I learned this method while I was in school in Italy (yes, I did pay attention).  A chef from Trentino Alto-Adige did a demo of his dishes and this one was a WOW!



The dessert was one I learned to make while I was at Alla Lanterna called Soffio: a whipped cream made with equal parts yogurt, cream, and a little sugar.  I served fresh strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries macerated in a little limoncello and tossed with lemon zest over the top.



The grand finale was a cheese plate of local, California, and French cheeses.  We left our guests very full and happy!  Just like when we have people over to eat at our house.  I had a lot of fun; it was nice to be working for a wage again.   Bruce got to wear a chef uniform for the first time, and he had a smile from ear-to-ear all night (he also got tomato pulp all over himself within 30 minutes after he arrived on site).  It was truly a dream come true for both of us and a great start to, what we hope, is a successful business!  A Presto!



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2 thoughts on “August 20: Our First dinner party

  1. Maureen on said:

    I enjoyed reading about your first dinner party, as I am a Personal Chef starting my own business (East Coast). The pictures were great, esp the one of you at work. This gives me alot of ideas, thanks again and best of luck to you.

    • Thank you Maureen-
      Best of luck to you. Let me know if you have any ideas too; we can bounce them off each other as we progress. A presto!

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