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September 1: The Website is Live!!!!

After weeks of hard work (by the designers and us), we brought the A Posto website to life today.  Thank you Bruce–you are truly a blue earth and I love you for that!  Thank you Diana-you did fantastic work; thank you for supporting our ‘fast track’ project and helping us to keep it on track!

Click on the logo below to check it out!

“What’s behind me is not important“, Franco in The Gumball Rally


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2 thoughts on “September 1: The Website is Live!!!!

  1. Melody Padilla on said:

    Brava Pati! Your website is beautifully informative as well as deliciously intrigueing. My only wish is that we lived up on the Oregon Coast so we could partake in your delightful adventure……or you lived in So Cal 🙂 I have so enjoyed witnessing your journey to this point and look forward to each new posting. You both look radiantly happy and have restored my faith in the future good life after 40-something (just have to decide which direction to go…)
    Best wishes for a long and successful voyage.
    Melody (Herd) Padilla

    PS – Is the Sample Menu’s link on website working?

  2. Fabio Patanè on said:

    Grande Pati!!!!! Ho appena aperto il tuo nuovo website…è bellissimo e ben fatto!! Sono felice di vedere che alla fine hai raggiunto il tuo obiettivo. Io e Raven siamo in Sicilia in questo momento e rientreremo la prossima settimana. Dobbiamo vederci presto, non vedo l’ora di ascoltare le tue esperienze! Io in questi giorni qui ho trascorso del tempo in una pasticceria ed ho imparato tanto sulla pasticceria siciliana. Ci sentiamo quando ritorniamo, sicuramente andremo a Newport presto!! Un abbraccio! Fabio

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