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A Posto personal chef services llc celebrates 6 months of biz

I can’t believe we’ve been in business for 6 months!  A year ago, I was wrapping up my time in New York and getting ready to fly to Italy for the rest of my training.  I wasn’t sure, at that time, what I was going to do after I graduated.  During my externship at the seafood restaurant: Alla Lanterna, I came across a website for a personal chef somewhere on the east coast.  I had been doing research for a paper for school and stumbled upon my new career!  6 months later, I can say that it was definitely the right path to follow.  While we are not quite a household name yet, our presence and business continues to progress.  Some highlights of what we’ve been up to are as follows:

  • I will be teaching my first official hands-on pasta making class at the Culinary Center in Lincoln City on March 19.  I will also be teaching a hands-on brunch class to celebrate Mother’s Day along with Executive Chef, Sharon Wiest on May 7.  And, we just scheduled a week-long Italian Intensive class October 24-28.  I’m excited to be part of the team that provides culinary instruction to the residents and visitors of Lincoln City.
  • I will be teaching my first workshop at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology on August 20.  The participants will be making pasta and sauces from several Italian regions on the beautiful and pristine campus located just north of Lincoln City at Cascade Head.
  • I am working with Food Share of Lincoln County to develop a cooking class program for the Food Share clients who receive monthly food boxes.
  • Bruce & I have also been volunteering at the Culinary Center in Lincoln City.  We’ve met some great chefs, nice people, and have learned new recipe and techniques.  Plus, we get paid in food!!!
  • I worked with the Taft High School Culinary Program from October-February as a chef mentor to help the team prepare for the annual ProStart competition which is held in Portland.  The team chose a Sicilian menu which included caponata, cannoli, and tuna.  While they did not win, they had a great time and added some Italian words to their culinary vocabulary.
  • We have embarked on a 6-month radio campaign with BOSS/KCUP here in Newport to help make us a household name.  Our clients are ‘anyone who eats’…… Smile
  • We’ve donated 4 in-kind dinners to both the Lincoln City and Newport Chambers, and to Samaritan Hospital in both Lincoln City and Newport.  We’ve cooked for three of those donations and have made new friends from the experiences.
  • I’ve become a Lincoln City Chamber Ambassador, and will be meeting with the Newport Ambassadors in May to present the business and feed them a good Italian breakfast!
  • We moved our website to a CMS (Client Management System) so we could respond more quickly and easily.  The website has been revised over the past couple of months in content only; the original design remains intact as it is exceptional….we’ve received numerous compliments from many of our clients and potential clients.
  • We created a Facebook page for the business and keep our fans up to date on the latest status……….become a fan yourself.
  • I’ve been a guest on local AM radio a few times and will be on again twice this month: March 14 on KBCH with the Lincoln City Chamber Chat and on March 23 on KCUP.
  • We’ve booked several small dinner parties for wine tastings, weddings, anniversaries, and life celebrations for this Spring, Summer, and Fall.  It feels good to have work scheduled 6 months or more out and know that more will come in.
  • I’ve taught several private cooking classes and have more scheduled.  They have all been  hands-on up to this point, but we can also do demonstration or a combo if the client desires.  All we need is a private kitchen and at least 4 people to make one happen.
  • I’ve also done some private one-on-one instruction.  It’s been really fun to help the client learn to make something new and then enjoy it with their family and/or friends.
  • Bruce has been helping me with preparation and serving at our dinner party bookings, managing our finances, and contributing to the website and the blog.  He’s also been feeding our friends his incredible pizza; he continues to improve his skill with every pie he makes.

It’s amazing what we’ve accomplished in such a short period of time and we thank everyone who has supported us along the way.  We look forward to cooking more great food for great people that is always healthy, fresh and in season, and affordable!



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3 thoughts on “A Posto personal chef services llc celebrates 6 months of biz

  1. Kiana, Kimekeo & Kika on said:

    Bravo! It is amazing to look back at these six months. Everything is perfect and falling into place, quickly it seems, from here. You are the consummate professionals and it will just keep getting better. We are so proud of you, and are blessed to have witnessed this birth and rebirth….and, to have tasted it along the way too! Here’s to more A Posto experiences…’ono loa!

  2. Hey Patti sounds like you are doing awesome. Congratulations. We are coming along here in Baltimore. I have an interactive cooking class/dining event coming up for 35 Wharton Business school graduate students at a leadership retreat here in Maryland. We are getting out there and getting known like you but the jury is still out on whether we can make this a business or just a hobby. Anyway I will continue to read your blog!!!!

    • patid on said:

      Hi Carl-
      Thanks. This is my dream so I am doing everything I can do make it stick. I can’t possibly imagine going back to my previous life. You have a dream too and you and Mary will make it successful. Best of luck and let’s keep in touch…we can help each other out from afar.

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