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chefshare podcast episode 3: Eggplant and Kohlrabi

Welcome to Episode 3 of Chef Share.  I was asked by a listener to talk about vegetables and how to make them delicious.  Since it’s summertime, I picked eggplant and kohlrabi as topics of discussion.  Eggplant, because many people don’t know what to do with it, and kohlrabi because many people don’t know what it is…:-)  Enjoy!  I’ve also included a couple of links below to other recipes for both vegetables.

Grilled Eggplant

Kohlrabi Salad

If you would like to download this podcast to listen to later, right click on the link below and choose ‘save as’ or ‘save link as’ to save the file to your hard drive.

Download this episode (right click and save)


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3 thoughts on “chefshare podcast episode 3: Eggplant and Kohlrabi

  1. Dianne on said:

    Outstanding! Kohlrabi looks like an alien creature and isn’t on my list of must-haves. But I’ll certainly give it a try based on your wonderful tips. And eggplant is another wierd vegetable but with your insight as to how to salt it beforehand and then letting it come to room temperature with an herb mixture before eating it is masterful! I promise to try your suggestions and wil report back on how well I did (with your expert help!). Thanks so much for the advice!

    • patid on said:

      Awesome!!! That’s what I wanted to convey: weird vegetables are delicious. I’ll talk about more in future podcasts.

      • Dianne on said:

        Hi Pati….Today I tried the kohlrabi & fennel salad for which you gave the link above. It’s SCRUMPTIOUS!! Beautiful on the plate and so delicious. What a wonderful salad for a warm summer evening. Can’t quite get myself to try the eggplant yet but I’ll work up to it! Anyway, the salad was yummy delicious and thanks!

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