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kcup 1230 am radio program for June 4, 2012 cheftalk: Crystal & Nathan Poling from Pioneer Mountain Farms

Listen to Crystal & Nathan Poling as they talk about the unique products they produce on their farm.  Not only do they grow fresh vegetables, and produce eggs, but they harvest wild plants off their property in Toledo to make healthful products.  Their farm stand opens tomorrow at 3:00 PM in front of the Kelp Forest Gallery near SeaTowne off Highway 101 in Newport and will run through October.  Come see what they have!

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Chef Talk with Pati D’Eliseo 6.4.12


kcup 1230 am radio program for may 14, 2012 cheftalk: Clamming and Crabbing with Bill Lackner

My guest this morning was Bill Lackner, Author and Founder and President of the Clam Diggers Association of Oregon.  We talked about the abundance of clams that are available for harvest along the Oregon Coast nearly year round as well as where and when you can find Dungeness crab.  Bill will be hosting clamming and crabbing clinics in Lincoln City starting on June 15.  Click on the link below to see the full schedule:–Diggi-44985

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Chef Talk with Pati D’Eliseo 5.14.12

kcup 1230 am radio program for march 19, 2012 cheftalk: Lucinda Whitacre of All Great Things Cafe

My guest this week was Lucinda Whitacre of All Great Things Cafe and Great Life by Lucinda.  Lucinda produces packaged products such as sweeteners, veggie burger mixes, cream cheeses, and sauces.  All of these products are made without anything you don’t know or can’t pronounce and they are local to Lincoln County!

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Chef Talk with Pati D’Eliseo 3.19.12

kcup 1230 am radio program for January 30, 2012 cheftalk: Chloe Rico, Ten Rivers Food Web

My guest this week was Chloe Rico, Community Foods Organizer from Ten Rivers Food Web.  Ten Rivers Food Web is a non-profit organization that works with the community to help provide local food onto local tables.  Listen as Chloe talks about some of the projects she’s involved with and how you can help too if interested.

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Chef Talk with Pati D’Eliseo 1.30.12

kcup 1230 am radio program for January 16, 2012 cheftalk: Dave Teem, Nye Beach Sweets

Listen to Dave Teem, owner of Nye Beach Sweets, talk about how he enjoys making people happy with something sweet.  Dave, a former local police officer, opened Nye Beach Sweets at 526 A NW Coast Street in Newport’s historic Nye Beach District 6 months ago and offers Tillamook ice cream, locally made chocolates, fudge, brownies, and his own version of an East Coast classic: Coney Dogs.

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Chef Talk with Pati D’Eliseo 1.16.12

kcup 1230 am radio program for december 19, 2011 cheftalk: Food Share of Lincoln County with Joyce Thompson Graham

Listen to today’s ChefTalk program (and the last one for 2011) with Joyce Thompson Graham of Food Share of Lincoln County.  Joyce talks about the importance of the food bank system to our community, the support of the community, the recent move of the Newport Pantry and the difference between it and Food Share, as well as how once can donate or volunteer.

I’ll be back on January 9th with another guest.  Hope your holidays are happy and healthy!

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Chef Talk with Pati D’Eliseo 12.19.11

KCUP 1230 AM Radio Program for December 5, 2011 ChefTalk: Newport Food Pantry with Kathy Meyer

Listen to this weeks’ ChefTalk radio program podcast.  My guest this week was Kathy Meyer from the new Newport Food Pantry located at the First Presbyterian Church property on NE 12th Street in Newport.  Find out what the new pantry is like, what the hours are, and how you can help.


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Chef Talk with Pati D’Eliseo 12.5.11

ChefShare Podcast Episode 9: Tubers

Join me as I talk about tubers (sunchokes, sweet potatoes, yams, and jicama); what they are, what they are not, and what to do with them.

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Oyster Cloyster Demo and Chef Garnett Black

I am the chef coordinator this year for the 2011 Oyster Cloyster , a benefit to support the Aquarium Sciences Program at Oregon Coast Community College. Chefs participate in a oyster competition and  must come up with a hot or cold oyster dish that is judged by a panel of peers and the public.  One of a kind glass trophies are made by The Edge Art Gallery in South Beach for the winners; it’s a fun event and for a worthy cause.

During the first week in October, I partnered with Chef Garnett Black, a long-running participant and winner in the chef competition, to provide oyster recipe demonstrations from the 10th annual Oyster Cloyster cookbook.  The following photos are from the demo at the Culinary Center in Lincoln City.  The dishes were Chef Black’s Asian Rouge Rumaki Oyster recipe from 2009 and Chef Enrique Sanchez/Bruce Jackson’s Happy Curry Oyster Clouds from 2007.  Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of Joy Gregory, Joy Gregory Design

cucina bene; mangia bene (for the love of dumplings)

Fall is in the air here on the Oregon Coast; you can feel it in the morning: the crisp cool air, and the sun comes up a little later and is not as strong.  The families vacationing here have all gone home; school has started and the routine is back to normal.  Fall is my favorite time of the year; the menu ideas become more savory and a little heavier than what was made during the summer.  My thoughts start to turn towards mushroom, winter squash, dried bean, apple, and potato dishes.  One of my favorite potato dishes is gnocchi which is a type of dumpling.

According to Wikipedia: ‘a dumpling is a cooked ball of dough and is made from a variety of flours, potatoes, or bread.  A dumpling may be cooked by boiling, steaming, frying, or baking.  It may have a filling, or there may be other ingredients mixed into the dough. Dumplings may be savory, sweet, or spicy. They can be eaten by themselves,  put into soups or stews, served with gravy or sauce, or in any other way.’


Gnocchi is believed to have originated in Italy during the time of the Romans who used semolina to make the dumplings; semolina gnocchi is still made today in the region of Lazio.  Other regions of Italy make them from bread (Trentino-Alto Adige), ricotta (Toscana), chestnut flour (Val D’Aosta), and wheat flour (Puglia).  Potato gnocchi, which has become ubiquitous across most of Italy, is a recent addition: around the 16th century when potatoes were introduced to Europe.

gnocchi with tomato sauce

I have never been very good at making potato gnocchi; I either put in too much flour which makes them turn out like hockey pucks or not enough flour which causes them to disintegrate in the pot.   It’s probably because I don’t make them enough and don’t have a good understanding of how the dough needs to feel for it to be ready.  I know that feel for pasta dough, but not for gnocchi…..sigh.

Gnocchi are delicious with toasted butter and sage, tomato sauce, pesto sauce, or in soups.  I also enjoy making (and am much more successful at) ricotta gnocchi or ravioli nudi.  These dumplings are made with ricotta cheese, chopped spinach or Swiss chard, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, egg, and a little flour.  They are shaped into quenelles (which are sort of football shapes done with spoons) and dropped into a pot of salted water to cook.  They are served with tomato sauce or with toasted sage butter and are really delicious.

Ricotta Gnocchi

Most cuisines around the world have some type of dumpling.  The Romans spread the tradition across their empire and the dish was adapted to what was readily available.  My mother’s family was from Poland and made a type of spaetzle which was served with lots of butter and fried onions.  There are variations of this type of dumpling all over Eastern Europe and is probably the most simple form of dumpling: eggs, flour, salt, and water.


This variation was transported to the USA via the various European immigrants and we have our own version of deliciousness: chicken and dumplings.


Other cultures, such as Asia, have a broad variety of different dumplings in their cuisines.  They are most often made from wheat or rice flours and then stuffed with various  fillings (savory and sweet) and steamed, baked, or fried.   One merely has to visit a restaurant that serves dim sum to witness the vast array of Chinese dumplings available for consumption.


So you see, dumplings are common across most of the world in some form or another.   It’s always interesting to me to see just how similar and how different cultures and cuisines are from each other.  The similarity is the fact that most cultures make a type of dumpling; the differences are in the choices of ingredients and the cooking methods, both of which most likely originated out of necessity.

But back to gnocchi—I will leave you with as foolproof  a recipe for potato gnocchi as I can provide.  It’s from Fine Cooking Magazine and it worked for me the last time I made it.  Serve the gnocchi with toasted sage butter or your favorite tomato sauce.  Let me know how they turn out for you and know that you are enjoying a dish that is not only ancient in origin, but  shared by others in some form or fashion around the world…buon appetito!

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